Perfection Auto Body &
Marine Repair
24 Hour Towing
(252) 431-0161
24 Hour Towing
(252) 431-0161
3355 Raleigh Rd.
Henderson, NC 2753
Office Hours:  Mon-Fri 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Phone:  (252) 431-0161  Fax (252) 431-1691
Custom Painting
Perfection Auto Body & Marine Repair
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    Want to customize your car to match your personality?

    Whatever color or design you choose, we can make it happen
    here at our shop.  Whether you would like to customize your car
    or boat, we do it all.  We also welcome motorcycles and
    personal water craft.

    Mixing our own paint here at the shop, we can mix any color you
    desire.  Want stripes, flames, words, expressions??  Anything
    you want to add, we can assist you in accomplishing just that.

    If you are looking to customize, call us at (252) 431-0161 and
    we will be happy to make it happen.
Pictures of custom paint jobs from our shop
coming soon!